Real Estate Start Up


Our STARTING WITH PARTNERS Package includes:

  • Must have templates

    Lay solid foundations for your agency.

    You will receive templates for: Simple Shareholders' Agreement, Employment Agreement – salary + commission, Employment Agreement - Retainer (debit/credit), Employment Agreement – Casual, Employment Agreement – Salary Only, Employment Agreement - Commission, Employment Letter of offer, General Non-Disclosure Agreement, Referral Fee Agreement OR Profit Share Agreement, Website Terms and Conditions, Data Breach Response Plan, Privacy Policy, and Privacy Collection Notices.

  • Start-Up Handbook and Checklists

    You will receive our handbook and checklist to guide you though the start up process and ensure you don’t miss anything in the process.

    Our Handbook has over 10 pages of valuable start-up info including operational compliance and asset structuring, sorting your staff, strengthening your partnerships and engaging with your clients, strategic acquisition plans, franchising, conjunctions, developments, channel partners and buying and selling of assets.

    Our Checklist provides you with actionable steps to sort your business structure, legals, tax, financial and operations, future proof your relationships, protect your agency and digital assets, and more.

  • Instructional Videos

    We will teach you along the way

    We don’t believe in just giving you templates and sending you on your merry way. You will receive instruction videos to assist you in completing your templates.

  • Get us working for you! 

Professional Service

We'll register your trademark and business name application, and advise you on your Corporate Business Structure and Asset Shield. 

Specific Inclusions:

Would you like your pack to be customised by real estate agency lawyers, include any optional extras below or receive legal advice to ensure you are fully protected? Book a FREE 10 minute chat with us today to find out more!.

*As not all trademarks and brands are capable of registration or even use, we recommend adding on advice as to whether you can register and use your chosen brand/name/trade mark.


$4,597.00 + GST

(valued at $8,934 + GST)

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Boring legal stuff: Whilst this O*NO Legal product has been designed and prepared by lawyers, this is general advice only and cannot be relied upon as legal advice as it does not take into consideration your exact agency circumstances (unless you book in for a 1-on-1 session with us). This information is for guidance only as there are many variables in running your agency. Contact us to find out if any of these variables apply to you.
PS - congratulations if you have read this far, you must love legal disclaimers or are a sucker for punishment.