For real estate and property management principals who are wanting to grow their agency 


How to actually implement growth strategies
smash your revenue goals faster.





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For real estate and property management principals who are wanting to grow their agency 


How to actually implement growth strategies
smash your revenue goals faster.




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 Learn how to implement the growth & legal strategies the leading agencies are using to increase their revenue and value

You’ve heard of different growth strategies, but do you know how to implement them to actually increase the value of your agency?
If you want to:
  • Grow your agency to increase revenue and value; 
  • Learn the growth hacks of top performing agencies; and 

  •  Know exactly how to implement these strategies now,

then you are in the right place! 

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What you will learn.

Whilst everyone is overfocused on digital platforms for growth such as digital marketing and social media (which we love), many forget that real growth comes from people.  

You will learn how to grow and increase the revenue and value of your agency by 

building a referral network, the traps of referrals and how to avoid them; 

creating and leveraging a team; 

strategically bringing in the right business partners; and 

knowing the exact legals you need to implement these strategies. 

We’ll also touch on some advanced growth strategies such as using brand licensing, joint ventures, outsourcing management arrangements and acquiring rent rolls. 

Why do you need it? 

Growing an agency without the right strategy in place is like flying a plane without any navigational equipment. You can point it in the right direction and hope for the best, or you can develop a flight plan and know you are on right track. 

This webinar will teach you how we help agencies like yours put growth strategies in place so you too can smash your growth and revenue targets and have the agency you always wanted. 

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About O*NO Legal  

We help real estate agency and property management principals like you to shield your assets, future proof your business relationships and expand faster, so that you can create a valuable asset that is there for you tomorrow. 

As a specialised firm, we understand the business of real estate and our legal strategy and advice will help take you to the next level and achieve the best sale price when it comes time to sell your agency. 

Unlike other lawyers who focus on risk management only, we harness legal strategy and technology to increase the value of your agency. Our REAL Framework is the simplest way to understand and keep on top of your legal needs throughout the business life cycle. 

To give you choice and put you back in control of your legals, we have designed solutions and packages to suit all budgets, from our REAL Suite of digital and on demand solutions to our premium customized service offering. 

Meet your host  

Kristen Porter has Real Estate in her blood. As third generation, she was born into the industry and truly has a passion for it that no other lawyer has. 

Servicing almost exclusively real estate industry clients across Australia, she understands the pressures and pain points of the industry. If you are 

looking for lawyers that ‘gets’ what it’s like to be in real estate – then we are here for you. 

Heading up large in-house real estate and development legal teams, as well as working alongside agents in the trenches, has given her a unique insight into what agents actually need from their lawyers when it comes to the legals needed to run and grow their agency. 

Kristen has demonstrated that including legal strategy in your growth plans is the best way to increase the value of your agency. 

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